Welcome to With Love!


There is nothing more rewarding or humbling than the opportunity to catch honest,

emotional moments that not only tell a love story, but a real story. 



My name is Kevin Fabrizi and I have the privilege to observe and archive one of the most important days of a couple’s life.

I am not the story teller – I am a story observer and listener.  Being part of your day means I get to turn your love into something you can look at and feel over and over again. 

Each wedding is different and every couple is unique. It’s not just about the big moments, but all the real, raw, emotional little ones in between. 

Feeling confident and comfortable that you have someone there to catch all the bigs and littles, is why I love to do what I do.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can we meet before you choose me? OF COURSE. If you're based in LA, let's grab a drink or a cup of coffee. If your based elsewhere, FaceTime or Skype! You need to feel 100% comfortable with the person that will be with you more than anyone else ALL DAY. ME.

How much do you charge? $3,200

What does that include?

- Me for 8-10 hours

- 400-600 photos

- Print release

- A day a little less stressful!

Do you shoot with second photographers?

I do if you wish to have one! I love having them along and they free up my time thus allowing me to capture moments I may have not been able to if it was just me. +$450

Do you travel for weddings?


Do you have insurance?